El Cuaderno Perdido Review

Here is a rough translation of the opening of Facundo Melillo’s review of El Cuaderno Perdido. “How to start writing about this book? If the words do not reach me. Dara is a unique writer who refers to others but knows only himself. There are echoes of Pynchon, DeLillo, Manuel Puig, William Gaddis, Beckett and in turn somethingContinue reading “El Cuaderno Perdido Review”

The Lost Scrapbook – Goodreads Review

“For a book that has no discernible narrator and a multitude of anecdotal scenes which often times don’t resolve themselves and changes literary mid sentence this is a very readable book. Dara has drawn comparisons with Gaddis, especially Gaddis’ debut The Recognitions, but this book I believe is more comparable to Gaddis’ phenomenal JR. CeaselessContinue reading “The Lost Scrapbook – Goodreads Review”

La Cadena Fácil

We were pleased to learn this week that the crackerjack team at Palido Fuego announced that their long-anticipated translation of Evan Dara’s The Easy Chain will be coming out on September 23rd.  You can order your copy here. We interviewed the translator, José Luis Amores, back in 2017, after he successfully brought The Lost Scrapbook (El CuadernoContinue reading “La Cadena Fácil”

A New Evan Dara Novel?

Does anybody out there know (even through rumors) whether Evan Dara is working on another novel? I’m finishing up an essay on Dara, and any info about this would be helpful to me. — Daniel Green (@greenlitcrit) August 7, 2019 The critic’s critic, Daniel Green, recently asked about the status of Dara and whether heContinue reading “A New Evan Dara Novel?”

Venture Pleonexia

One of the cruel curses of the Trumpocene era, which likely afflicts large swathes of the literate within a society daydreaming toward totalitarianism, is the random reminder of your kakistocratic overlords while trying to enjoy a novel.  For instance, reading Dara’s The Easy Chain after the 2016 election, it was difficult not to draw linesContinue reading “Venture Pleonexia”

Jim Gauer and the Anxiety of Influence

Still working my way through Jim Gauer’s Novel Explosives, but his appearance on The Great Concavity  (which is warmly supported by this site) is worth listening to in full.  For a quick gulp, here’s a clip of Dave Laird reading from the book: Here’s a snippet from the latest lethality enhanced episode of ⁦@ConcavityShow⁩, featuring novelistContinue reading “Jim Gauer and the Anxiety of Influence”

Evan Dara – Provisional Biography of Mose Eakins

Today marks the publication of Evan Dara’s Provisional Biography of Mose Eakins. This eBook is available now in three cold, digital flavors: ePub, Mobi, and PDF. Please note that Aurora will only accept a donation after you read the play. To download the play, click here: http://www.aurora148.com/eakins.php Thank you for your support of Dara’s work.