Here’s to Unsuicide: An Interview with Richard Powers

The interview that @everett_hamner conducted with Richard Powers in this weekend's @LAReviewofBooks (h/t to @greenlitcrit) is a must-read:! — Evan Dara Affinity (@LincolnSelwyn) April 8, 2018 "When a person says, 'I live in the real world,' they generally mean that they live in the artificially created social world, the human-made world that is hurtlingContinue reading “Here’s to Unsuicide: An Interview with Richard Powers”

Reader Response

While this is more of an interstitial post, we’ve rearranged the deck chairs of the Affinity and wanted to provide the briefest of briefings: Since not even the most rabid fan would stumble upon—which was meant to serve as a placeholder—a new domain has been secured to snare the sozzled /lit/ users who optContinue reading “Reader Response”

The State of the Evan Dara Affinity

A notification from WordPress reminded me that this quixotic, Google-averse site turned 1 last month, with zero fanfare. The mission—which was cobbled together during last year’s Super Bowl between the Patriots and the Falcons—remains the same: to offer a forward operating base for supporters of Evan Dara, with an emphasis on collecting the articles, links,Continue reading “The State of the Evan Dara Affinity”

American Literature in Transition: 1990-2000

Today’s quick Twitter thread on the publication of American Literature in Transition: 1990-2000, featuring Stephen Burn’s chapter on “Encyclopedic Fictions,” which offers a moderately deep dive into Evan Dara’s The Lost Scrapbook.  The collection also includes contributions from Dara scholars Jeremy Green and Patrick O’Donnell, although they don’t cover him this time out. It appears thatContinue reading “American Literature in Transition: 1990-2000”

A Podcast on The Lost Scrapbook

Out of the estimated 250,000 podcasts that make up the podsphere, and the over 8 million episodes they’ve collectively generated, I don’t believe any have placed The Lost Scrapbook under the spotlight.  Until now. The Tale Told By an Idiot podcast devoted episode 5 of their fresh endeavor to Evan Dara and TLS, and do it justice,Continue reading “A Podcast on The Lost Scrapbook”

Charlie Harris

WGLT reported that Charlie Harris passed away, which is hard news for anyone who gives a fig about good writing and provocative literature.  While Charlie may be best known as the person with the good sense to hire David Foster Wallace at Illinois State University, he championed many other sages and stylists who were/are aheadContinue reading “Charlie Harris”

A Reading of The Lost Scrapbook

While updating the resources for this site, I included an expanded entry for a series of posts from a pseudonymous blogger named Ba Jin. Back in the summer of 2015, he offered a memorable chronicle of his first reading of The Lost Scrapbook, which is laced with sharp insights and the inevitable questions that ariseContinue reading “A Reading of The Lost Scrapbook”