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El Cuaderno Perdido: An Interview with José Luis Amores

An interview with Jose Luis Amores, who translated Evan Dara’s first novel, The Lost Scrapbook.

El Cuaderno Perdido

Thanks in large part to the efforts of its tireless publisher, Palido Fuego, links to numerous reviews and essays for El Cuaderno Perdido have been added to the Resources page. We’ve adopted a stylistically inconsistent variation of MLA to display the information, which will… Continue Reading “El Cuaderno Perdido”

Resources and Miscellany

While the launch of the site on Sunday was somewhat inadvertent (we prematurely plugged into Twitter without realizing what happens when you hit the Publish button), work continues behind the scenes.  One of the first orders of business was to stake out an area… Continue Reading “Resources and Miscellany”