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One of the goals of the Evan Dara Affinity is to promote the novels of this misprized author and spark conversations and research about his work.  To further this aim, we will use this page to point the curious reader in the direction of those who’ve written about Dara, including reviews, books and articles, and online discussions/resources.  Comments and suggestions are warmly welcomed.

Books and Articles

“American Book Review :: 100 Best Last Lines from Novels.” Americanbookreview.org. n.d.  <http://americanbookreview.org/onehundredlines.asp>

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Jeremy Green, “Unknowable Communities: Postmodern Utopianism in Evan Dara’s Lost Scrapbook,” American Comparative Literature Association Convention, Boulder, CO, March 2001

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Edited James Peacock, Tim Lustig. Diseases and Disorders in Contemporary Fiction: The Syndrome Syndrome (Hardback) – Routledge.” Routledge.com. 28 Oct. 2016.  Stephen Burn contributes an essay called “Mapping the Syndrome Novel,” which includes this mention of Dara:

Similarly, even in its incomplete form, David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King seems to be modeled around what Wallace calls “Random-Fact Intuition” syndrome (2011, 118). Just as the novel presents a willfully centrifugal narrative that is periodically fragmented by interpolated stories and intrusive screeds of data, so RFI syndrome is characterized by “psychically intuited and intrusive facts” (118, 119). Evan Dara fits less comfortably into a post-postmodern framework, but The Lost Scrapbook‘s distributed set of narrative nodes seems to be designed to imitate a neural net. While less straightforwardly built around homologies between form and content, Dara’s The Easy Chain can hardly be called conventionally structured in its exploration of “Zinkofsky’s Syndrome […] a benign dysfunction of the semanto-neurological system thought to be triggered by exquisite sensitivity to social nuance” (Dara 2008, 96-97).

Emmett Stinson, Satirizing Modernism: Aesthetic Autonomy, Romanticism, and the Avant-Garde, (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2017)

Strecker, Trey (1998). Ecologies of Knowledge: The Encyclopedic Narratives of Richard Powers and His Contemporaries. The Review Of Contemporary Fiction, 67.  (“Novelist Richard Powers and contemporaries William T. Vollmann, David Foster Wallace, Evan Dara and Bob Shacochi build upon the turmoil of the millennium to advance their sociopolitical vision of global survival by redefinition. They send us back into the world reconsidered to counter the effects of humankind’s impact. Their novels are not as Edward Mendelson asserts, encyclopedic narratives, but narrative ecologies.”)

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The Lost Scrapbook

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El Cuaderno Perdido

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The Easy Chain

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La cadena fácil

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Online Discussions and Resources

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Ba Jin. “everybody’s grandpa.” Ba Jin. 2 Jul. 2015. Web. 18 Sept. 2017. <https://bajinbooks.wordpress.com/2015/07/02/everybodys-grandpa/>.  This pseudonymous blogger provides one of the more interesting reaction readings of The Lost Scrapbook that I’ve come across.  The other entries include:

Ela Kotkowska, “Evan Dara’s Lost Scrapbook, or the art of listening to static.” Beardandbicycle.blogspot.com. 31 Dec. 2016. <http://beardandbicycle.blogspot.com/2016/07/evan-daras-lost-scrapbook.html>

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Steve Russillo shared extensive notes during his readings of Dara’s novels, which provide guidance for those who get disoriented:

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