Can We Talk About the Fireflies?

Guest Post by Gabe Cweigenberg Can we talk about the fireflies? How about Chomsky? What I mainly want to focus on is the relationship Chomsky has to the book. I guess you could say he’s one of the recurring characters. So, in the fifties, Chomsky introduced his concept of Universal Grammar. A Dara quote isContinue reading “Can We Talk About the Fireflies?”

The Lost Scrapbook – Ebook edition

*NEWS* As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Lost Scrapbook, we are beyond pleased to announce that Evan Dara's dazzling debut is now available—for the first time—as an eBook. If you've been unable to track it down in print, purchase it in pixels. — Evan Dara Affinity (@LincolnSelwyn) October 30, 2020

Call for submissions: 25th anniversary of the Lost Scrapbook

As we prepare to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the publication of The Lost Scrapbook, we are encouraging readers and admirers of Evan Dara to share their thoughts and reflections on this monumental debut. We’ll be mixing these in with some of the other reviews that have accumulated over the years. Submissions of any kind—poems,Continue reading “Call for submissions: 25th anniversary of the Lost Scrapbook”

Provisional Biography of Mose Eakins – Now in Portuguese!

We’ve got some good news to share with our #Portuguese readers: the new issue of Qorpus—which is published in Brasil—includes Lucas Lazzaretti’s translation of Evan Dara’s play, Provisional Biography of Mose Eakins. You can check it out here: — Evan Dara Affinity (@LincolnSelwyn) July 21, 2020 Here’s a direct link to the PDF: reading “Provisional Biography of Mose Eakins – Now in Portuguese!”

El Cuaderno Perdido Review

Here is a rough translation of the opening of Facundo Melillo’s review of El Cuaderno Perdido. “How to start writing about this book? If the words do not reach me. Dara is a unique writer who refers to others but knows only himself. There are echoes of Pynchon, DeLillo, Manuel Puig, William Gaddis, Beckett and in turn somethingContinue reading “El Cuaderno Perdido Review”