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Mose Eakins Lands in The Great Concavity

Pleased to hear that Evan Dara’s “Provisional Biography of Mose Eakins” earned a special mention in @ConcavityShow’s post-mortem for 2018: — Evan Dara Affinity (@LincolnSelwyn) January 23, 2019

Evan Dara – Provisional Biography of Mose Eakins

Today marks the publication of Evan Dara’s Provisional Biography of Mose Eakins. This eBook is available now in three cold, digital flavors: ePub, Mobi, and PDF. Please note that Aurora will only accept a donation after you read the play. To download the play,…

Provisional Biography of Mose Eakins

—Coming July 2018 —Evan Dara’s “Provisional Biography of Mose Eakins” —A work set for the stage — Evan Dara Affinity (@LincolnSelwyn) June 21, 2018  

This is Not a Novel

As preparations for the release of Evan Dara's new work are nearing completion, we wanted to let faithful readers know that this is not a novel, but a play set for the stage. There is no need to prematurely evict a Danielewski or a…

Something Different From Evan Dara?

—It’s been a full decade since The Easy Chain? —And almost five years since Flee… —Hm… —So, if the pattern holds, does that mean…? —Hm… —What do you mean? Something different from Evan Dara. Coming June 2018.

Here’s to Unsuicide: An Interview with Richard Powers

The interview that @everett_hamner conducted with Richard Powers in this weekend's @LAReviewofBooks (h/t to @greenlitcrit) is a must-read:! — Evan Dara Affinity (@LincolnSelwyn) April 8, 2018 "When a person says, 'I live in the real world,' they generally mean that they live in…

Reader Response

While this is more of an interstitial post, we’ve rearranged the deck chairs of the Affinity and wanted to provide the briefest of briefings: Since not even the most rabid fan would stumble upon—which was meant to serve as a placeholder—a new domain…