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Here’s to Unsuicide: An Interview with Richard Powers

The interview that @everett_hamner conducted with Richard Powers in this weekend's @LAReviewofBooks (h/t to @greenlitcrit) is a must-read: https://t.co/5LZUQOXwhH! — Evan Dara Affinity (@LincolnSelwyn) April 8, 2018 "When a person says, 'I live in the real world,' they generally mean that they live in… Continue Reading “Here’s to Unsuicide: An Interview with Richard Powers”

Something Always Going On

Something always going on—

It has been almost 3 and a half years since Evan Dara published his third novel, Flee, which confirmed something that a small but steadfast circle of committed readers already understood: that Dara is as good as any living American novelist.