A Podcast on The Lost Scrapbook

Out of the estimated 250,000 podcasts that make up the podsphere, and the over 8 million episodes they’ve collectively generated, I don’t believe any have placed The Lost Scrapbook under the spotlight.  Until now.

The Tale Told By an Idiot podcast devoted episode 5 of their fresh endeavor to Evan Dara and TLS, and do it justice, getting into some of the core themes and even touching on The Easy Chain.

There are the inevitable comparisons to Gaddis (by someone who has actually read Gaddis) and speculations about his anonymity, but that’s to be expected.  There’s also some loose talk contrasting Dara and David Foster Wallace that might elicit an objection from fans of Infinite Jest (this reader included), though the topic of these two contemporary geniuses writing and releasing their masterpieces within three months of each other is one I periodically return to.

Regardless, this is a rare opportunity to hear an intelligent conversation about Dara, and might entice those who are on the fence to go ahead and take the plunge into Dara’s work.


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