A New Evan Dara Novel?

The critic’s critic, Daniel Green, recently asked about the status of Dara and whether he had another novel trundling down an unpredictable pipeline.  As it turns out, the National Book Award finalist, Brandon Hobson, recently corresponded with our man in Europe—prior to Hobson’s trip to France—where he learned that Dara has apparently completed a new novel and is weighing his options.

According to Hobson, he is seeking representation for this new book, with the plan of working with a more mainstream house and a dedicated editor.  What this means for Aurora, the outfit he co-founded prior to releasing The Easy Chain, is unclear. But here’s hoping that a savvy and sensible literary agent is able to help steer this new manuscript through the perilous shoals and, in time, find a secure and accessible home for Dara’s dazzling catalog.



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