The Lost Scrapbook – Goodreads Review

“For a book that has no discernible narrator and a multitude of anecdotal scenes which often times don’t resolve themselves and changes literary mid sentence this is a very readable book. Dara has drawn comparisons with Gaddis, especially Gaddis’ debut The Recognitions, but this book I believe is more comparable to Gaddis’ phenomenal JR. Ceaseless dialogues permeate the book like in JR and the reader is challenged to put the puzzle pieces together. Lot of great social commentary in this book in which a community is affected by a large corporation that is polluting the water. Disparate voices intertwine in debates over the pros of having a large corporate benefactor providing jobs, tax breaks, etc and the cons of the cost of environmental irresponsibility. Great and unconventional read, now who [is] Evan Dara???”

See the review here.

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